Monday, February 2, 2009

We Interupt Our Previously Unscheduled Absence...

First I must apologize for my long absence... I didn't mean to be gone so long I promise!!! I've gotten myself involved in a little project that is taking longer than expected. It's going to make for a good post, though, so stay tuned.

Anyway, if you would have told me yesterday that the groundhog would see his shadow this morning I would have said, "No way!" Yesterday it was a lovely 60 degrees, sunny, and beautiful!! This morning we woke up to this:

My husband was scheduled to be off work anyway today. Yay!! So we all went to the grocery. And no, we aren't those type of people who freak out and run to the grocery every time the weather turns bad. We always go to the grocery at the beginning of the week. Now I was really dreading it because I was sure that it was going to be packed, but it actually wasn't bad at all.

By the time everyone got dressed and we headed out to the car here is what greeted us:

I am so glad the Mr. is home to take the girls out in this, 'cause snow ain't my bag, baby!!!

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