Friday, January 2, 2009

Garland Show and Tell: The After Christmas Edition

Remember this beautiful garland I made for Nester's Garland show and tell?

Well, today I took her down... After removing all the flowers and berries and gold twig thingies and glass icicle ornament thingies all that was left of her was this:

No, actually that wasn't all. She left a nice thick carpet of green all over my hearth. Durn, I didn't get a picture of that... But take a look at these (oops, sorry they're so blurry!)

I piled all those ad-on thingies up on the hearth. Who says accessories don't make all the difference??


Tanya said...

What a pretty garland! I love Christmas decor, but I also love taking it down and seeing a fresh, clean slate again!

Tooj said...

OH NO! It looks so...naked? LOL It's sort of like my children without clothes...they look good and sturdy in their outfits, but naked they're just skinny minnies.