Saturday, January 17, 2009

New Addition???

No, no, no... It's not me! At least I'm pretty sure it's not me, but if it's you or a friend you might just want one of these:

Just about the cutest thing (what am I talking about, they are totally, completely irresistible!) is the "bum decor" on the back!! Check this out:

Makes you want to have a baby, right?? Well, what's even better is she has these in toddler t-shirt sizes all the way to a 5T!!!!

Now I know you are jumping for your purses to get your check cards (keep Dave Ramsey on the brain, people!) out, but STOP!! SITS has featured Ella Bean in their Saturday Spotlight, and you know what that means!!! GIVEAWAY!!!!!

So, just go enter the contest, I know I won't win, but hopefully you can! That would mean I scored an assist, right??

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