Friday, December 12, 2008

Dinner and a Show

Again I'm going to try to make this one quick, so I can get to a painting that's being sitting around for a week, a little Charlie Brown (no, maybe Lucy) tree that's been sitting around for two weeks, and paper ornament patterns that, well, they've just been sitting for a day, but they've got to get done!

Tonight I made pizza for dinner. I have never made pizza (well, unless you count the frozen box kind...) for dinner, but I wanted to get rid of the chicken I made to other night, so I was determined to do it. Oh, and did I mention that we aren't eating tomatoes?? We've renounced foods containing salicylates for a few weeks to see if it helps my 4 year old and some issues we've been having. Tomatoes are at the top of the list of foods we will re-introduce because we love Italian food, and my husband makes the most excellent spaghetti!

So, instead I made a homemade Alfredo pizza with chicken and spinach. I didn't make the crust from scratch... I cheated and used some Rhodes frozen bread dough. Here are the results:

Another thing I forgot was mozzarella cheese, so I used Parmesan and some Monterrey jack instead. This was great stuff!!!

On with the show... after dinner we decided to go see this house not too far from here. It's all decorated for Christmas, and when we got to it there were ten other cars trying to get a good spot to see it. Why?? The people had every square foot of yard and every square inch of house covered in lights. They had them all set to a program that times the lights with music! You've heard of this, right?? You put your radio to a certain station so you can hear the music in your car and just sit back and enjoy! These people have been doing this for, oh, the past three or four years, and it's always entertaining, especially for the kids. So, we watched for a while and then came home. Fun!


Mitt Empire said...

Hello,and thank you so much for your kind words. It's no problem for me reading english, since we learn it in school from an early age. When I started blogging, I usually translated the text too, but my forreign readers have gone down so much that I haven't made the effort lately. Your garland looks wonderful, I also vanted to put mine up that way. Not possible since my fireplace has got marble for a top, and that's why it had to be flat. Anyway, it's so much better than I ever made before.

Your pizza looks very good, hope you enjoyed it!


Marcia said...

When you are ready to start back on salicylates, be sure to try the untomato sauce.

2 cans 14.5 oz sliced carrots
1 32oz box of Imagine No-Chicken Broth (you probably could use a chicken or beef based broth for a different flavor)
1 tsp. oregano
1 tsp. basil
1/2 to 1 tsp of salt
1/4 to 1/2 tsp freshly ground pepper
In a food processor, empty one can of carrots and cover half way with broth, process until it's pureed. Add second can and repeat processing. Next add herbs, salt and pepper. At this time the sauce should resemble Ragu style pasta sauce, if not you can add additional broth to achieve the proper consistency. Pour sauce into a pot and heat on medium until its warm. Pour over pasta.

I've heard that if you substitute pomegranate juice for the beets, it tastes better.