Tuesday, December 30, 2008

This Is Keeping Me Up At Night...

So, I've been getting to bed really late because of a couple of little obsessions...

This year my husband and I were just doing Christmas for the kids because we couldn't afford to do much more. I got laid off back in July and, even though we now aren't paying for childcare, we are really strapped for cash.

However, my husband must have some secret little savings account somewhere, because he got me the mother of all gift sets. Let me just tell you, when I first saw this at the store I was taking my 4 year old to the bathroom and stopped dead in my tracks at the display on the way there. Coming back from the bathroom, I couldn't see straight and when we got back with the rest of the family my husband said, "What's wrong with you?" So, I told him just to walk to the bathroom and he'd see. So he did and while he was gone I found a chair to sit in... He came back and just said, "Wow! 33 disks!?! 86 hours!?!"

Do you know yet???

Yeah! I fell in the floor and cried when he said, "Santa must have dropped something in the fireplace..." Okay, call me a freak, but not until I tell you the other thing that's been keeping me up late...

I guess I'm a tad bit obsessed with this:

Now, this is not a Christmas present. It's not even a new game, we bought it used at EB. We had rented this game, but I didn't play it... well, I tried but wasn't any good, so I just gave up. We bought it months ago and just stowed it with our other Wii games. Then a couple of weeks ago my husband mentioned it and decided to finally get it out and play it. It's really fun to watch, but one night I decided to give it another go and ended up having a blast. Now I'm hooked!!

Okay, now you can call me a freak!

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