Monday, December 8, 2008

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

Do remember your favorite toys as a child? Perhaps you still have them packed away somewhere. Perhaps you have no idea what happened to them. Or maybe you played with them so much that they had to be retired to that great toy heaven in the sky... (okay, okay, you know what I mean). For me the toys that really stick out in my mind as toys I had to have when I was a kid fall into two categories: My Little Ponies (my brother and I had tons of these) and these gals:

Kirsten and Molly. I loved those girls. They are still made (as are My Little Ponies), but they just aren't the same. Pleasant Rowland had this really great company, Pleasant Company, that made these gals and the quality was outstanding! Since she sold the company to Mattel the quality has gone down quite a bit, but the prices have stayed pretty much the same so I guess that makes them more accessible for more people. But I'm not here to talk about the history of the American Girls company. I got Molly for Christmas (Kirsten came later). My best friend had Samantha and her cousin had Kirsten. We had American Girl sleepovers with our dolls. We even had the librarian at our school ask us if she could display our dolls and all of their accessories in the library one month.

One thing I didn't have for my girls was their Christmas outfits, but a while back I found the originals on ebay and won the bid for each of them! Now that I have my girls dressed up for Christmas I want to display them somewhere in my house. Aren't they adorable!

So the question is, where could I put them?? If I were my best friend's mom (my best friend now, not the one who had Samantha...) I'd have a whole room dedicated to my doll collection, but she has the room for it, I'm working with 1600 square feet of house here. Right now they are on my sideboard, so I guess they'll just stay there until I can figure out something else to do with them. Any thoughts??

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HSingMama said...

My oldest has Kirsten. Hers is from the original company, but my other two girls dolls (Samantha, Kaya,and Josephina) are from when Mattel took over. I love the idea of having them decorated in their Christmas outfits.
As to where to place them...I don't know. What about somewhere around the Christmas tree? Maybe having them sitting under it somewhat. Or on a little stool near the tree. Let us know where you put 'em.