Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Messy Office Cleanup

Well, today I guess I'm going to be a little boring and show my cleaning skills. Ha! Ha! Since I've started spending more time in the office with this blog the uninspiring desk configuration and basically the entire look of the room have been getting to me. So I rearranged everything and am working on getting an office that looks more like me (Yikes!). Well, here is what the desk area looked like before:

You can see I've already started ripping down painted wallpaper in these pics. The ivy wallpaper was on top of textured wallpaper, and on three of the walls it was only put on the area under the 2x4's that I'm guessing are supposed to be a chair rail (the chair rail was only on three walls as well. On the fourth wall the ivy covered the entire wall (blech!).

Here are the after photos:

See that pile of papers under my cell phone? Those are bills that need to be paid and if they are not in full view for my husband, he'll forget that they are still due...

Doesn't that look much more streamline? Those canvases under the desk are hiding all the mangled electrical cords.

This do-hickey thing slides out so we can access the printer supplies and our other files without having to look at their messiness all the time.

Well, that's it. Pretty boring.

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