Thursday, December 4, 2008

My Silly and Sad Little Ragamuffin Garland

Hooray, I finished my Ragamuffin Garland last night!! It looks a little sad compared to the Fabulous ones by Miss Nester (see this post: to take a look at some real ones!)

For some reason I misread her instructions and made my rag strips too, too, short, so I had to scrap most of them. Any ideas on what to do with those?? Also, Nester said she makes the base ribbon about as long as her arm and I must have really short arms or something 'cause my garland looks really short...

Anyway, without further ado, I give you my scrappy little ragamuffin garland:

Ta Da!!

Here is a closer look:

Then I decided to finally do something about these cute little cards I have had forever hoping I'd find frames to put them in and hang them for real (do you follow all that?). So, I remembered I had gotten some poster putty and ran off to find it. Alas, no poster putty ever showed up. Poo! Well, this morning I thought I'd just stick them up with scrapbook adhesive and see how that would do. End result?

Of course, Three of the four have since fallen. I put more adhesive on two of them and put them back up. Now I'm off to get the third one back up.


The Nester said...


Love the Noel! Remember--there's no right or wrong way! If you want it longer make it longer! Beautiful colors and it's something you can add to every year!

The Scooper said...

Actually it's really cute. I love the NOEL tags!

Miss G said...

hey this is good! just make it what makes you happy! Kelly