Saturday, December 6, 2008

What Could Be Hiding in the Ivy???

I was going to write about favorite toys from my childhood, but we made a little discovery the other day that I just had to document here...

Okay, so in my first (Wait, wait! Did you notice what I just did? I just made that word a hyperlink! Woo hoo! No more stupid hyperlinks-that-are-just-the-address's for me! Yeah, I rock!!!)post you caught a glimpse of my hideous breakfast-nook-turned-office-room with the nasty ivy wallpaper crawling all over the wall. Well, that picture wasn't actually that bad, because, see, on three of the walls the ivy wallpaper was only on the lower two feet of the wall below a to-low-to-be-a-chair-rail-chair-railing (What's up with the phrases-that-are-all-dashed-together today?? Promise that's the last one. Promise.). What you don't see is the one wall on which one of the previous owners decided to nix the railing and just do the whole wall in the ivy monstrosity. See?
That's just half of the wall because on Thursday I was doing some rearranging in the off ice and I just couldn't stand to look at it anymore. So, I got and exacto and just started ripping it down wherever I could. My poor dear husband came home to find "his" office rearranged, wallpaper everywhere, and me smiling stupidly (after having downed almost half a bottle of wine), "Doesn't it look great, Honey?"Wow, that picture is blurry! I must have had a kid hanging off of me...

Well, as I was ripping I uncovered a "sweet" little message someone had left for me. Can you see it??
This is after I scrubbed part of it off today! Honestly, I know it must have been a stupid teenager, but still, on the wall of some one's home? Give me a break! Well, I guess it's all the more incentive to keep at it, so I'm going to be working on that tonight.

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