Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Itty, Bitty, Kitty Mistreatment!!

I've had this blog for how long? And this is my first post?? Who starts a blog without posting for, like, years??? Me. That's who. But I just had to post after being so inspired by theeeee domestic decor diva extraordinaire: The Nester, a la (okay, so I don't know how to do those nifty little things where the word is a hyperlink, yet. Hey, at least I know the term hyperlink!)

I would guess I've been reading The Nester off and on since early this year. But ever since I was laid off in July I just lost track of her. So this week I got all caught up, and I decided it was finally time to quit putting off little projects out of fear that they would not be perfect. The Nester's motto is: It Doesn't Have To Be Perfect To Be Beautiful (AKA: IDHTBPTBB).

With that in mind here is a photo journal of a project I did yesterday:

Okay, so I know there are SO many things wrong with this picture, but this little ol' house is a work in progress, so just pretend the walls don't really have that nasty ivy wallpaper and that the chair railing isn't about a foot too low, 'Kay??

I had this table that was in the way when we put up our Christmas tree in the living room, so I thought of this:
A little better...

(and, yes, Miss Guinevere is actually going to use her new digs as I'm snapping these!)

So much better!!

Please don't click on the photos! They are soooooo blurry and I'm too lazy to get better ones!

Okay, now I'm on a roll...

Here's what I started working on last night:

Yep! It's the beginnings of a Ragamuffin Memo Garland! Yippy Skippy! I did have to quit because I was getting a callous on my thumb and the tip of my finger had lost all feeling from cutting the pieces. I don't' think I have enough strips cut just yet, but I have to tell you something: I have had these fabric remnants for ten years... TEN YEARS FOLKS!! No... wait... maybe longer than that; they are from samples I used while I was in design in college. To be honest I don't even care if it turns out because at least I've used the darn things!!

Yippy, Skippy, here we go!!

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