Friday, December 5, 2008

A Tearful Farewell...

This year Thanksgiving was to be at my house. My Grandparents are the traditional hosts of every holiday get-together (getogether?), but, being in their mid eighties, their health isn't so great. My mother's culinary skills leave much to be desired, so I said I'd have it and to just show up. It was not going to be a big deal, just ten people - five of which would be my family. So, I got a menu and all the recipes I was going to need, and went grocery shopping. Then around noon on Wednesday (the day before the big event) I received a call from my mother. No one was coming. The Grands weren't well enough to travel the 75 minute trip to my house and Mom's beau (I hate referring to a 61 year old woman's significant other as a "boyfriend") and his son would be spending Thanksgiving with his family. I was slightly perturbed and told Mother she should be with the Grands so they wouldn't have to be alone. It wasn't so much that they weren't coming as it was the late notice that really bothered me; I mean I had all the food, the fine china, the seating arrangements, and the buffet all set and just waiting.
See my buffet all organized and ready?

So as I started to pack it all away I thought, "No, I am going to use my good china anyway. Why save it for someone else to enjoy?? I've always wanted to use that turkey plate and, by gosh, I'm gonna use it for once!"

I rearranged the seating and put the extra tables away. Then I revamped the menu and cut out several dishes I had planned. We'd have a beautiful Thanksgiving anyway, just with a smaller cast. Thanksgiving morning arrived. The turkey was in the oven by 8:30 and the dressing was in the crock pot by 10:30. Did I mention we were having dinner promptly at 12:30 because my dear husband had to work that day?!?!

Since things were going so smoothly I went for a walk outside with my 4 year old and noticed that my neighbor was home alone, so we decided to invite her to dinner. She arrived at 12:30 and had fun (I think?) entertaining the kids while we got finished preparing everything. The turkey was out cooling, and I was bringing china from the dining room on which to put the food. The only thing that wasn't china was the turkey platter which was a gorgeous crystal wedding present that I had yet to use.

My dear husband thought it would take an act of Congress to get the turkey onto that plate in one piece, but I did it!! And after placing all of the dishes on the sideboard I was ready to take the turkey, but as I started to lift the plate I noticed the was turkey juice all over the kitchen counter. I hadn't thought I had made that much of a mess while transferring the turkey to the platter...

Then I lifted it another in or so when it became apparent that...

the turkey wasn't quite cool enough when I transferred it over so this happened:

Alas, poor Gorham 1831 Fall Traditions turkey platter, I am so sorry for having murdered thee!!

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HSingMama said...

Oh my goodness...I can't believe the platter cracked like that. Well that's one less thing to have to store... right? LOL Hope it wasn't too big of a heartbreak for you.