Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My "Lucy Tree" Angel

I realized that I didn't post a close up of the angel on my girls' tree on our tour, so I'm going to tell you all about her. Hmmm... Maybe I'll even name her St. Lucy. Huh, yeah, I think I will. Come to think of it, I put the "Lucy Tree" up on St. Lucy's Day! Or, maybe St. Lucy's Eve... I think that's a sign, or something. Anyway, here she is before I gave her a little wardrobe update:
Pretty, but I thought she needed some color.

I had a bag of various ribbon. Now, I've got to tell you, I have two hot glue guns in this house, one of which has gone into hiding. And I have, probably around 75 glue sticks for the guns. It beats me where they are. I ended up using all of the part of a glue stick I had left in my glue gun to do a mistreament for Guinevere, so thanks to my neighbor for letting me borrow her Super, Duper, Ultra Hot Professional Burn All Your Fingertips Off glue gun! Thanks Jo!!!

So, after cutting some ribbons to an appropriate length and arranging them to a pattern I thought looked okay, I hot glued them to another gold piece of ribbon.

Some onto the front:

Others onto the back:

Then I folded the ribbon over and over again to hide the edges where I glued. All I had left to do was to tie it around Lucy's waist like an apron, and there you have it!
I think this is a little more festive!


Anonymous said...

Nice pic of husband with beer in background!

Erika said...

Thanks Alli! I like him, too!

Laura B. said...

You're hilarious!! I love your decor! Thanks for stopping by!

Sit A Spell said...

Love the garland!