Saturday, December 13, 2008

An Ugly Duckling of a Bathtub

Chris asked me in this post if that was my bathtub to the right of the window. Well, yeah, it is, but I'm going to give you the real deal on this.

Here is the glorious arched alcove bath:

And here we have a basket of magazines to peruse...

...or to hide the three layers of linoleum that are peeling up from mildew!

Here is the bath from a different angle:
That tile going around the arch is just ugly.
"What's that?" you say? "What's that thing at the top where the shower head is supposed to be?"

Why, it's a broken shower head nozzle! And it's ready to spray the skin right of your body like a power washer!!

Oh, this is the example of the lovely mildewed corners of the bathtub...

And this is the lovely job the previous owners did of putting up a fake (cardboard) tile do-hickey on the back of the tub. Gotta love how they pieced the thing!!
Well, I guess I should mention some pros about the tub now. I do absolutely adore the alcove, although I'd like to figure out how to improve the tiles (you can't paint them can you???) And the tub itself is so deep and great for soaking. I also love the lines of the tub which you can see in the second pic...
Hmm, maybe I can get pictures of my grandparents tub on here after Christmas. It's really neat... REALLY colorful, but really neat.

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